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Sunday Photo Gallery

Carver Mead greets old friends

Sunday with old friends at the Alumni House

Ronald Ayres at left

Bob Cannon and Richard Murray

Carver Mead and Bob Cannon

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Al Barr enjoys the presentation

Mani Chandy

Alumni House gathering

Joe Kiniry at left

Carver Mead and Mika Nyström

Jason Hickey, Steven Low, and Leonard Schulman

Carver Mead (left), and Steve Trimberger (center)

Erik Winfree (center) and Yaser Abu-Mostafa (right)

Anil Hirani (Jim Arvo's grad student) and Ashwin Nayak (Leonard Schulman's Postdoc)

Marianne Martin, Barbara Smith, and Yaser Abu-Mostafa
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John Gray (left), and Bart Locanthi (center)

Sunday April 8 | Monday April 9 | Tuesday April 10

Photo Credits:
Bob Paz (Caltech Public Relations)
Dave Felt (Caltech Computer Graphics Group)

last updated 18 June, 2001